Our mission

The mission of collaborative platform KLIKER is to find new ways of production and presentation of contemporary performing arts, especially of dance for young audience. Focal point of the project is young audience; their position in society and topics that are important in their progress and their future.

Another important goal is to help young audience to become active member of contemporary culture, to be able to critically evaluate the increasing amount of new artistic content and to complement their cognitive and creative development with different educational formats. Through systematic and global development of audience, new qualities of artistic creation and production will emerge on the national artistic scene.

The structure of the platform allows different artistic organizations, institutions, artists, performers and authors to connect on a national and international level so that it stimulates full artistic potential and gives new opportunities on the field of contemporary performing production. Each of the artistic members should be able to offer their own acquired knowledge from their field of activities, their skills, space or experience to the other partnership members that have specific local difficulties or they need help of someone experienced in planning or executing activities.

The platform offers opportunity of collaboration and inspiring environmental for different creative and motivated artists which aspire to achieve a common goal so that their projects could be thoroughly implemented and they could make social impact.

Each of the partners has specific and unique set of knowledge in the field of production, performance or organization and each of them is associated with a number of local, national and international partners that are expanding the network and bringing new possibilities. While exchanging programs during existing or newly formed festival formats, the partnership organizations are working on making the platform’s visibility stronger but as well strengthening their own visibility, their postproduction and promotion of quality content for young audience. Systematic non-institutional and specialized teaching for different experts in the field of education is provided with the implementation of educational seminars. Simultaneous development of young audience and additional education of experts for young audience gives basic prerequisite for quality implementation of arts and culture as a public good available to all.

Through innovative and interdisciplinary formats of contemporary performances KLIKER is merging new media and technology with more traditional theatre and performance so that new ways of communicating and interpreting dance to the young audience would emerge. Children nowadays grow up surrounded with new virtual reality that offers unlimited number of content and narratives and which is impossible to ignore.

The goal of this collaborative platform is to link those new virtual realities and the interests of young audience with performing formats of contemporary dance so that children would be familiarized with dance and so they could consider different qualities and ways of moving as a way of expressing their thoughts and emotions, communicating with each other and thinking abstractly. The young audience is involved in creative process from the start – they co-create the structure that enables them to achieve direct experience of art and dance, they develop their own interpretations, create new perspectives, they choose content and become the authors of different works of art. One of the most important part of this project is physical activity and their inclusion in those activities in which our young audience brings to consciousness the importance of movement as an artistic format they can relate to by not only watching.

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