What is KLIKER?

Kliker is the first Croatian platform for development of contemporary dance for young audiences. It was initiated by dance artist Sanja Tropp Frühwald and VRUM Performing Arts Collective in September of 2013. and it includes several other dance organizations: Dance center TALA [Zagreb], Prostor Plus [Rijeka], IKS Festival [Split], Kotar Theatre [Delnice], Mediterranean Dance Center / Zagreb Dance Company [San Vincenti / Zagreb], Dance Workshop Ilijana Lončar [Požega], Assitej Croatia [Croatian network of professional and professionally directed theatres for children and young people], Center for Performing Arts Varaždin and festival Days of Contemporary Dance in Varaždin, with recently started collaboration with Theatre Epicentre.

The main goal within this comprehensive and long-term project is to find new forms of production in which young audience is involved in the process of creating a theatre piece or to partake in overall artistic processes. While working with professional artists, experts, educators and teachers we search for current and topical approach to dance and to sustainable audience development. In this process, structures and methods of selection and evaluation of young audience’s theatre content are being formed and standardized.

Children and young people are co-working and collaborating with professional artists, experts and educator in order to acquire their constructive feedback. KLIKER’s efforts to expand local and European audience are made with distinct comprehension of the specific context in which new generations of young audience use new technologies and understand new ways of communication. Through KLIKER’s activities previously mentioned organizations create different happenings for young audience (researches, labs, shows, installations, workshops, and festivals), they provide systematic education and dissemination of knowledge, methods and theory, as well as the practical application of theory and structural changes and lobbying on local, national and international level. For KLIKER’s innovating, inclusive and interactive projects the main goal is a happier and more fulfilled society, broadening one’s horizons, inclusion of children and young people in social and artistic processes while being extremely sensitive about children’s right to grow up carefree.

KLIKER is an active member of the world network YOUNG DANCE NETWORK dedicated to the development of contemporary dance for young audience and is also collaborating and coworking with a number of international organisations on new collaborative projects. National platform KLIKER is supported by Kultura Nova Fundation, with some programs that are supported by the project „A BACKPACK [full of] CULTURE“ developed by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.

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