Baja Buf (0-2)

Baja Buf (0-2)

Concept: Sanja i Till Frühwald
Performance: Sanja Frühwald, Till Frühwald, Asher O’Gorman / Ana Mrak, Raphael Nicholas / Dado Ćosić
Music: Damir Šimunović
Set design and costumes: VRUM
Graphic design: Dinko Uglešić
Production: VRUM i Špancirfest / Kreativfest

„Baja Buf“ is a happening, a theatre play and a children’s game. It’s created for and with 8 babies (10 to 24 months old) and 4 performers and it takes place in a large and soft performing area that makes a safe and calm environment for them. The decision for choosing this age group came from the fact that children in this age have a natural instinct for spontaneous and free movement in which they explore themselves, the space that surrounds them or the whole world around them by using their body as a main mean of communication.

“Baja buf” is also a celebration of a pure and innocent life.

The youngest audience and their parents / people of trust are invited to a neutral space, free of toys and other distractions. Performers are observing and then amplifying the spontaneous activity of children in the centre of the space while the grown-ups are on the side, watching. What happens when a 10-24 month old baby is presented with a complete freedom in a safe surrounding while someone is observing them, reflecting every move, sound or emotion they make?

Children are free to decide if and when they want to participate in the play and the grown-ups will have to respect and acknowledge their decisions.

Every session lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Parents / guardians are present in the working space when children start to comprehend the idea of them being in charge of the situation. By directing their own movement they start to interact with performers in an unpredictable and playful dialogue of free body form and movement so that trust could be built between them and that even the shyest child can take the lead. This kind of attitude and methodology stimulates development of communication skills and body movement for the young ones and for the grown-ups as well through inventive and original way – making a piece together and having fun doing it.

The experience of „Baja buf“ is a unique revelation of different possibilities of nonverbal communication and body instincts in a relaxed atmosphere that you could bring home with you!
Everyone who is present at the play creates a completely new performance in which they – either participating or just watching – become connected through a new way of watching, moving and communicating.