Handbook and Exercise book

Handbook and Exercise book

Handbook for kindergarten – How to introduce children to theatre and theatre with children? and related Exercise book for movement and dance were based on of numerous studies of  the creative process, with the aim of a long-term application in collaboration with educators. The use of these materials can make significant contributions in the introduction of theatre and dance to the children, to motivate creativity and interest in these areas, and to develop skills useful for physical and mental development of children. The indended use of these materials is both individual and in combination:

Handbook for kindergarten – How to introduce children to theatre and theatre with children? proposes various ways of introducing children to the theater, and is designed to serve as inspiration and motivation for reflection, dialogue and creation.

Exercise book for movement and dance proposes exploring the body as a medium, provides an insight into the basics of movement and dance, develops sensibility for new experiences and different forms of communication and expression. It was created with the aim to bring dance and movement closer to educators and children, motivate the development of creativity in children and increase the interest in dance and theatre.


The Handbook was created by theatre and dance artists who work for and with children with the goal to support and strenghten professionals who work in kindergartens and who are mediators in the first children’s encounters with theatre.

The Handbook suggests the activities which can contribute to sensibilization of children for theatre and related arts which can be used by the educators in kindergarten as inspiration for new forms of activities. The Handbook is segmented in accordance to specific activities. The first part concerns the activities such as a visit to theatre, an introduction to the theatre building and familiarize with spaces, mechanisms and crafts which are relevant to creation of a performance. The second part focuses on the experience of theatre performance, preparation for this experience, the exchange of experiences and application of these experiences through new activities. The third part concerns the evaluation of each activity and monitoring of the achievements. The last part is highlighted with a special dynamics proposal, along with suggestions on how to plan the activities timely.

The team gathered around the project Generator plans to establish partnerships with interested theatres that will open their doors for a visit with the kids regardless of the scheduled dates of performances .



Exercise book

EXERCISE BOOK for movement and dance was created by a group of theatre and dance artists and is intended to be used in different educational institutions by educators and proffesionals who work with children between the ages of 3 and 6. who have no prior knowledge of contemporary contemporary dance.

The content of the Exercise book is basic and accessible. It could be used as a source of inspiration for everyday work and play with children. Through it we want to introduce the body in a form of a medium to the educators, to inform them and educate about the movement and dance, to sensitize them for new experiences, different forms of communication and expression. The intention is to offer them a new approach to dance and movement so they could use and show those new approaches to children, and to encourage children’s creative development and interest in the art of dance.

This project is coordinated in Croatia by TALA Dance Centre which is carrying out the activies in collaboration with the Croatian Ministry of  Culture, Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of the Republic of Croatia and collaborative platform KLIKER, while the team of authors includes: Larisa Navojec, Tamara Curić, Sanja Frühwald, Petar Cvirn, Igor Koruga and Elena Risteska.



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