Baja Buf Extended

Baja Buf Extended

instant theater – dance and musical composition for and with children

Duration: approx. 1 hour per session
Executive: VRUM [artistic organization] / KLIKER – national platform for develpment of contemporary dance for young audicence
Subject area: theater, dance, creative communication, elements of dance performance and improvisation, live music, artistic – plastic elements
Aim: seminar/workshop is designed for children 4-7 years of age, suitable for pre-school groups, can function as a public event
Number of participants: min 5 – max 20
Performers: Sanja Fühwald [graduated contemporary dance – choreography and performance], Till Frühwald [graduated acting], Asher O’Gorman / Ana Mrak, Raphael Nicholas 
Goals: to play and create interactive playground using fun and tasks interesting to childrem, exploring children creativity and searching for different fields of interest and inspiration through spontaneous movements and body expressions, development of children’s awareness and perceptiveness, development of  motor skills, creation of a safe and supportive environment in which the youngest can freely express
Methods and working principles: dance performance and improvisation, practical exercises, group work, handling space
Necessary physical resources: dance hall / studio / room with a dance floor, large enough to accommodate the number of registered participants and where is not cold, loudspeaker with cable to connect to laptop
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Dive into the world of theater and dance is to see and hear, feel, smell, laugh or cry … and run it! Our theatrical currents are oriented interaction and participatory principles of work. In this seminar / workshop for children (on request, accompanied by teachers and / or parents) developed a system through which we go on performing journey and an interactive game. Through the techniques of dance and theater improvisation, accompanied by artist / musician and live dancers and actors specialized in “bajabufanje” children create instant theater composition with elements of dance and theater, and visual arts and music. In an hour of working together and the games children, except on some basic rules of theatrical compositions, they learn about self-esteem, acceptance of others, listening, articulating own ideas and cooperation and group dynamics. We also want to raise awareness on what ways through dance and movement can communicate, to tell stories, to awaken the imagination and connect artists and children through the principles of children’s games on personal and group level through a variety of media, taking into account the nature of child focus.Our aim is to sharpen the perception and open ourselves to images, sounds, thoughts and emotions that theater, dance and movement to evoke.

The workshop is through the working principles and methodology linked to VRUM bestseller “Baja Buf” (interactive play for babies and their adult which is only in Croatia performed more than 100 times), but is intended for participants – children of different age groups (4-7 years age).

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