Klikofonija (journalistic workshop)

Klikofonija (journalistic workshop)

„You like to write, but 140 characters is not enough even as a warm up?
You like to make videos, but 15 Snapchat seconds allow you to make barely an introductory frame?
After a performance you are agonizing over questions like: how actors and dancer are able to memorize all the texts and movements, what do they do after the final applause, where… Don’t cudgel your brains any more!
We did the work for you and certainly have answers to at least some of your questions.
Register to join the creative writing workshop, write a story or make a photo, become a critic or a reporter at festival and maybe things will CLICK exactly in your case.“

Workshop teacher: Dejan Košćak, MA degree in Art History, Museology and Heritage Management (feat Igor Tretinjak)
Age: 10 – 14 years / 14 – 18 years
Duration: min. 4 days, 3-4h daily
Subject area: theatre, dance, creative communication, interpretation, critical thinking, theory
stimulation of critical thinking in young people, development of valorization system, learning the basic terms in theatre, contemporary performing arts and theory, research of children creativity and finding their field of interest, creating a safe and encouraging enviroment in which children can express themselves, learning about the structures and formats of critical writing, making interviews, basics of journalism
Methods and working principles: learning through examples, writing, filming, attending performances, conversations, group work, practical work
Physical resources required: studio/clasroom
Laptop, printer, camera, dictaphone


This is a workshop about creative writing and critical contemplation about contemporary theatre and dance performances. It is our desire to offer basic information about theatre performances to interested young audience, as well as some new ways of interpreting performances and writing about performances. Through practical experience of watching performances, talking and writing about performances, children will expand their experience of theatre so far and acquire some new ones, develop their communication skills, learn about artistic processes, and further enrich their perception of watching performances. The workshop is intended for children from 10 to 14 years old or 14 to 18 years old.



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