No Work & Just Play

No Work & Just Play

workshop – dance improvisation and finding your own language of movement

Duration: one day 3-4h or depending on the arrangement

Workshop teachers: Sanja and Till Frühwald / VRUM [artistic organization]
Subject area: theater, dance, creative communication, nonverbal communication, raising awareness of physical abilies, improvisation
Aim: workshop is intended for all age groups, with no previous experience required
Number of participants: min 10 – max 30
Goals: awakening of sensory knowledge, development of our own perception, boosting creativity and physical expression, resourcefulness in creating improvisation, collaboration as a model of improvisational techniques, simultaneous experientality of performing and creating, stimulating analytical thinking, age mash up
Methods and working principles: playing, practical exercises, group work, individual work, dance
Necessary physical resources: dance hall / studio / room with a dance floor, large enough to accommodate the number of registered participants and where is not cold, loudspeaker with cable to connect to laptop
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The workshop begins with the opening of the body and warming-up, for which we use different systems of games through which we can enable a fusion of different approaches to movement and dance. This series of exercises are focused on awakening and raising awareness of potential physical capabilities, concentration, opening up the sensory levels which include the experience of space and the experience of the moment, and assists the creation of common situations. Through numerous physical contact techniques we use improvisation as a model for something that will happen unexpectedly, and this unknown primarily depends on cooperation with others. The goal is to open perception. Our approach to all the participants is the same, regardless of their age (6-106). From working on the personal physical material, we look at the situation from the compositional point of view, creating a new common situation, open up numerous possibilities for communication.

We are inspired by the stories and experiences of workshop participants that they bring from their everyday life and our experiences from our artistic process. Precisely the introduction of daily, or tried and tested, lived, participants create a safe and closely starting point for further creation and improvisation. Using them close and well-known network of citations, generated a relaxed atmosphere in which one easier to open perception and gradually prepared to cooperate with others and to develop unexpected.

Every workday ends with a simple verbal analysis of created situations and their potential.


Workshop was selected in 2017. for the national programme Backpack (full of) culture. The programme is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and a joint investment by the area of education and the area of culture at state level.

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