Creative communication

Creative communication

KLIKER’s workshop “Creative communication” by Tamara Curić is intended for children, young people and grown-ups, non-dancers, dance amateurs and dance professionals.

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Workshop teacher: Tamara Curić (Dance center Tala)
Subject area: theatre, dance, creative communication, elements of dance performane and improvisation, movement
Aim: workshop is intended for children, young people, grown-ups, dancers and non-dancers
Number of participants: not limited
Goals: making a creative environment, development of individual verbal and non-verbal communication, stvaranje kreativnog okruženja, razvijanje vlastitih sposobnosti verbalne i neverbalne komunikaciji, raising the body awareness
Methods and working principles: movement and improvisation, practical exercises, group work, communication
Necessary physical requirements:
Necessary physical resources: dance hall / studio / room with a dance floor, large enough to accommodate the number of registered participants and where is not cold, loudspeaker with cable to connect to laptop


How to create an environment based on trust, openness to experience and allowing yourself to make mistakes? On this workshop, our focus will be to study communication as a basic element for the creation of innovative and secure environment.
Communication through sight, touch, movement, gestures and articulation of experienced is a basic priciple of cooperation in contemporary dance, so there is many tools and games that had been developed to allow and to stimulate communication. These are tools that stimulate the creation of different works of art.
In this workshop, Tamara is sharing some of that knowledge with the intention to give to the participants the physical experience of communicating with movement and to give them the opportunity to give their feedback and  share their thoughts, so that any of these skills could be transferred to everyday work environment, work with children, art research and an additional tool for children to express themselves.
This exercises are simple and fun. All you need is comfortable clothing and courage to try something new. Any previous dance experience is not required.


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