Tala Dance Center

Tala Dance Center

Tala Dance Center is a non-profit artistic organisation founded on February 14th 2000. The founders are Larisa Navojec and Tamara Curić, artists who have been successfully working in the field of contemporary dance as professional dancers, choreographers and dance teachers for many years.

Our institution’s activities tend to popularize contemporary dance for children, youth and adults. To this end, we organize and perform various programs in the field of contemporary dance, while the priority is given to the following programs:

  • performing and creating fot theatre ,
  • educational programs with a wide range of dance techniques
  • daily training sessions for professional dancers, workshops, courses
  • networking with national and international dance scene
  • organization of dance projects and events
  • promoting and supporting initiatives for the development of dance
  • collaboration with cultural and other institutions and artists on various projects to carry them out

Our goals:
we collaborate and associate with foreign dancers, choreographers, cultural institutions, centers and organizations in Europe and worldwide. We achieve a regional program through a network of partners in order to continue to develop, track new trends, to adcance, acquire better working and educational conditions and to join in the systems of modern funding of art and culture.

We initiated and are currently organizing Platform.HR, an event which:

  • presents the work of national and international choreographers
  • encourages the development of contemporary dance scene in Croatia
  • helps young and affirmed choreographers and dancers to show and realize their ideas  and individual approaches to dance art
  • implements a series of cooperations with recognized international choreographis centers and artists
  • offers local, regional and international presentation and cultural collaborations to dancers and choreographers through a variety of programs

We sucessfully collaborate with many theaters, festivals and organizations at home and abroad.


Organization representatives:

Larisa Navojec

Larisa Navojec
Larisa Navojec was born in 1977 in Rijeka. For many years she was a champion of Zagreb and Croatia in rhythmic gymnastics. She finished School for contemporary dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb. In 1995 she graduated and acquired a profession of cultural and artistic dancers of modern dance. Between 1996 and 1999 she studied at the Alvin Ailey AMERICAN DANCE CENTER. She was a member of the Studio for Contemporary Dance and Zagreb Dance Ensemble. In 2000 she founded the artistic organization Tala Dance Centre and festival Platforma HR, and in that same year she became a member of UPUH as well as a freelance artist under HZSU. As a performer, she worked with many choreographers and as a choreographer she worked with many well known directors and theaters. She participated in the creation of approximately 60 performances of different genres. She received many awards. She is the director of the Tala Dance Centre where she works as a dance teacher. She produces, organizes and initiates many dance projects and continuously participates in all activities of the Croatian independent dance scene.

Tamara Curić

Tamara Curić

TAMARA CURIĆ was born in 1973. in Zagreb. After graduating from the School of Ballet, dance and rhythmic, in 1995 she graduated on the Vlaamse Dansacademie, Bruges (Belgium). Since 1988 she works as professional dancer in several companies in Croatia and Europe. As a choreographer she participates in choreographic platforms in Belgium and Portugal, she works with many theaters and theater directors. She is the author of a few full-length dance works, over 50 short choreographies and dance performances for children. She is the co-founder of the Platform HR in Croatia and since 2000. artistic director of the TALA Dance Center and founder of the NDA Croatia. She is an active member of Nomad Dance Academy, a regional network that works on the development of modern dance and the independent scene. Through her work she is involved in different activities connected to education, cultural policies and development of contemporary dance. She is organizing various actions and projects related to the development of contemporary dance and dance performance. The focus of her work is integration of dance in everyday life – primarily through education as a tool for the establishment of an open, conscious and creative society. Dance is considered one of the important factors for the personal development and the development of society.